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December 25 2012

VJs TV Opening - VJing, 3D Projection Mapping, Motion Graphics, Interactive & Generative Art

live performance
VJsTV.com is finally on line. Launched on 15th December 2012, the easy-to-use website showcases a compilation of over 1000 videos from VJs, designers and artists based upon the entire world. The videos have been painstakingly selected to offer you a really mind-blowing understanding of anything from video projection mapping to interactive art. From lumen installations to sonic installations, there will be something for all on this modern, neat and crisp website. A simple interface with pull-down menus mean you can find the best video within seconds. VjsTV.com, since the name suggests, not just has an extensive library from the world's best videos but also the unique ad-free TV option : two clicks and you have a continuous full-screen random choice of videos according the category chosen - no breaks, no ads - merely a non-stop selection of stunning videos. (http://channel.vjstv.com)

live performance

VJsTV.com keeps growing fast and adding new videos daily. Upcoming bands, artists and designers are thanks for visiting submit their videos via the website.

http://www.VJsTV.com - it's must-see!
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